Tolstar Faine (King of Faine)

Human, Male, 6'1, broadshouldered, short brown hair cropped in back, blue eyes, scarred across face and head


Tolstar Faine is the King of Faine. Supposedly a steadfast, iron-fisted but well respected ruler.


He took rule over Sylvin’s capital (Sylvana) in 17th year, 5th era. A couple years later (beginning of 19th year) due to a family altercation, he banished his sisters and brethren from the capital and renamed the capital into his own namesake: Faine. This caused a major rift in the country of Sylvin creating a cold civil war dividing a country into what is currently known as Faine-Sylvin. Tolstar’s brothers and sisters fled with their supporters to a large city in the south once known as Errin to consolidate their strength and forces. They christened Errin with a new name of Sylvana in favor of keeping the original capitals name. However much the refugees bolstered their troops and citizens, it was not enough against Tolstar’s forces. They were sieged from late winter to summer and were becoming overrun. In a last resort attempt, the magic users of Sylvana ripped the cities land from the earth to isolate it from the country. And thus the floating mage island of Sylvana was truly borne, just out of reach from Faine.

Tolstar Faine (King of Faine)

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